by PinkTeddy 23/02/2018

Prismata-Stats is a replay processing website for Prismata. Created and maintained as a hobby project. Feel free to send any feedback to PinkTeddyMonster@gmail.com

How do I submit and view my replay history?

To get your replay history type /getReplays [number] in prismata client chat, where [number] is the number of replay codes you want to retrieve.

To submit your replay history paste the codes here or into the widget on the right hand side. It may take some time to process the replays. After submitting go and play a couple of games in Prismata :).

After try searching for yourself or navigate to: www.prismata-stats.com/players/player/[your_name]/overview

How do I qualify for Leaderboard?

You must have at least one ranked replay submitted in the last 30 days.

How do I search through replays?

You can search through replays here. If you get weird results after altering the search query refresh the page (hit f5).

The search results will return up to 100 most recent results.

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